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How else can you get your message into the homes and businesses of Whitstable?
Every month we print 16,000 magazines and employ independent distributors to deliver to The Whitstable IMP to all receptive homes in postcodes CT5 1,2,3 and 4 – 15,048 homes, according to the Royal Mail.

What if I don’t have an ad?
Don’t worry – we have a designer who can easily put an ad together for you and we have bags of experience and can help and advise on the layout and content of your ad – an ad that you will own and can use wherever you like.

Will my ad work?
We will deliver your message to every receptive household in Whitstable.
This will ensure that every penny you spend on advertising in The IMP is spent on communicating with your target audience.

What about other advertising options?
Like the free and local papers – they do serve a purpose, but can you afford to market your company to half the county? Would customers be prepared to travel from Canterbury or Faversham to buy from you? And not everyone in Whitstable reads the local paper, some sell only 2,000 - 3,000. Yes, there are other options, but none that offer what we deliver.

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The Whistable Imp - Postal Map

Source: Royal Mail Postal Sector Counts Report.

When you advertise in local newspapers you want to reach the greatest number of readers at the lowest possible cost.

So let’s compare and contrast - The Whitstable IMP wins hands down.

Newspaper Circulation in Whitstable-







The Times


The Gazette


Audited figures published by JICREG 1/1/09

The Whitstable IMP is a local magazine distributed to 16,000 homes and businesses in Whitstable and is packed with Local News, Interviews and Entertainment Guides.

That is more than 5 times the circulation in Whitstable of The Times or Gazette.

You advertise in the local paper to improve your sales. The more people who see your ad the more you’ll sell. But advertising can be expensive and wasteful if you put it in the wrong place. Here’s your chance to check if you are making the right decision...

The Extra is the obvious choice for your ad, right?

Well the Extra has 58.65 pages of ads and only 10.35 pages of news* so it’s very difficult to see your advert in among that clutter of ad pages.

OK, let’s see if the AdScene is any better:

A typical AdScene comprises 50.63 pages of advertising with only 9.37 news pages.*

At least 83% of the paper dedicated to other companies trying to sell to the reader, if these were the ratios of ads to programming on TV would you watch?

Not too many advertisers in the Times - but then, not too many readers either.

And the Gazette? Again, not too many readers in Whitstable.

*ABC audited figures Dec ’07 -June ’08

So now you have decided where to advertise...what’s next?

There’s a formula popular with London Advertising Agencies...that formula is AIDA.


If you follow this formula when writing your ad or produce, you will lead the reader through your ad and provoke areaction.

Attention — Grab the reader’s attention with your headline - not your company name!

Interest — once you’ve got their attention, you need to get them interested in what you have got to offer.

Desire — Now you have their interest you need to convert that interest into a desire for what you are offering.

Action — Don't leave them the end of the ad you need a call to action. you still need to tell them what, where and how to BUY

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

'established in 1972', 'the largest in the south east', 'free next day delivery' are all great confidence builders but unless you have arrested my attention or aroused my interest I'll never read them...

After a headline that'll stop me in my tracks you need to get me interested, the easiest way of doing this is selling me the benefits of what you have to offer - What's in it for me?

Your ad needs to communicate with the individual reading it. You need to change them from readers to customers.

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Experience Matters

Between us we have over 15 years of experience in publishing – from National Press, Celebrity Weeklies and the Internet, to a raft of Trade and Business publications - working for some of the largest and most successful media houses in the country.


Display Advertising
Full Page - £395
Half Page - £220
Quarter Page - £120

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20% discount for pre-payment

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